Pastor Frank Toral

The calling to start a new church began with a whisper. In August 2014 while on a weekend retreat in Lake Worth, Pastor Frank began to have a strong sense that God was moving him into full-time vocational ministry. The days and months that followed began a dramatic unfolding of events which led Frank and Olivia to commit to God that they would leave everything behind and “go” wherever God was leading them. Shortly after they made their commitment, God again whispered to Frank that He wanted him to start a new church in Palm Beach County.

So the Toral family sold their home of 13 years, the land they had purchased for a future dream home and the professional office building Pastor Frank built as a lifelong dream and home to his law firm.

Leaving everything behind, they believed God would fulfill His promise to bless their commitment so they could be a blessing to others. They moved to Palm Beach County in January 2017. The Toral family gave up something good to pursue the greater calling of establishing Promise Life Chapel in Wellington, Florida.

Promise Life Chapel began as a dream. But the mission was born out of Frank’s 20 years as an entrepreneur, business leader and several years as a pastor. All of us from time to time have experienced some measure of success either in our personal lives, in our careers or both. Pastor Frank has learned the power of moving from ‘success to significance’. While he experienced success as the CEO of Toral Law, the greatest significance in his life has been realizing his God-given destiny which has informed Promise Life’s mission.

The mission of Promise Life Chapel is to do that very thing: to proclaim the Good News of God’s promises empowering all people to realize their God-given destiny. In essence, the mission of Promise Life Chapel is to help people discover who they were created to be and to leverage their gifts, passions, talents and life experiences for God’s significance. This is true, lasting and enduring success. It is the desire and purpose of Promise Life Chapel to help every one person transform their life, family, business, community and ultimately the world through the power of God’s Word & promises.